Company maintenance API

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This API is currently in a proposed state and not available for consumption in sandbox or production.


This product allows end users to maintain a company registration in relation to:

  • Director details
  • Secretary details
  • Shareholding details
  • Ultimate holding company details
  • Change of company name
  • Apply for deregistration
  • Requests to correct the Register
  • Apply for entitlements: ABN, Business name and tax roles.

To enable all of these maintenance items you will need to orchestrate multiple APIs (details in API description).

APIs in this product are:

  • Maintain Director Details
  • Maintain Secretary Details
  • Maintain Alternate Director Details
  • Maintain Proprietary Company Shareholdings
  • Maintain Public Company Shareholdings
  • Maintain Company Addresses
  • Maintain Ultimate Holding Company
  • Maintain General Details
  • Change Company Name
  • Apply for voluntary deregistration
  • Request to correct the register
  • Apply for Entitlements of a Proprietary Company
  • General Lodgement
  • Apply for an Australian Business Number for a company
  • Apply for a Business Name
  • View Australian Proprietary Company
  • View Australian Public Company
  • View Foreign Company Details
  • View Registered Australian Body Details.

End user

The end user can be any individual who has authority to act on behalf of the company. This may vary for each API (see each API detail).

Rate limit

Not applicable.

API risk rating

4 – high risk

For more information, see API risk rating.


See: M2M client authentication


The end user must be either a:

  • Director of the company
  • Secretary of the company
  • ABRS agent of the company
  • Local agent of the company.

Production requirements

Before you can request production access for this API, you must meet the requirements for production access.

Release notes

Version 1.0.0 released on 29th September 2022 (latest).

This is an initial draft version of the API for review and feedback.