Health Check API

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You can use the DSG health check API to check the current operational status of the ATO Digital Services Gateway to determine its readiness to accept traffic.

API Risk Rating

1 - No risk

For more information, see API risk rating.


See: M2M client authentication.


For authorisation test scenarios, see: Authorisation test scenarios.



Rate Limit

Appropriate rate limits are applied to prevent misuse or overuse of the API.

Release notes

Security scopes updated 28 October, 2022.

Security scope associated with this API has changed.

The new scope is: ato.healthcheck.*.*

Please refer to M2M Client Authentication on how to provide the scopes while making a call to this API.

Version 1.0.110 released on 12th September, 2022 (latest).

The endpoints have changed. You need to provide the payer and payee identifiers in the URL before sending a request in order to test authorization scenarios and connection to DSG. This should be carried out for testing purposes before moving onto the use of other APIs on the platform. Original endpoints have also been kept in the API for use in non-sandbox environments and work the same way they did previously.

Changes to Healthcheck API –

  • Added two new endpoints to healthcheck to allow the testing of authorization in the Healthcheck API

Following are the new endpoint URLs –

  • GET {serverUrl}/healthcheck/v1/clients/ABN/{abn_business}/individuals/TFN/{tfn_individual}/heartbeat
  • GET {serverUrl}/healthcheck/v1/clients/WPN/{wpn_business}/individuals/TFN/{tfn_individual}/heartbeat

Note: The existing GET {serverUrl}/healthcheck/v1/heartbeat endpoint will check your connection to DSG via authentication only and not authorization. If you want to test authentication and authorization flows for the Healthcheck API you will need to use the above endpoints in sandbox testing environments.

We have introduced a query parameter – context. The context parameter specifies the ABN of the intermediary, the tax agent number (TAN), or registered agent number (RAN)

  • When a payer is submitting a request for its newly joined payee: context not required
  • When an intermediary that is not an agent is acting on behalf of the payer submitting a request: context=”ABN={abn_intermediary}”; note the intermediary doesn’t have a TAN or a RAN as it is not an agent
  • When an agent is acting on behalf of the payer submitting a request, TAN or RAN of the intermediary has to be provided in the context, for example, context=”TAN={TAN}” or context=”RAN={RAN}”

Refer to the open API specification for more detail.

We have provided a number of healthcheck and authorization test scenarios that you can use to test the use of the Healthcheck API in your software in the sandbox environments. See authorisation test scenarios.