SMSF Alias lookup API

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You can use the SMSF alias lookup API to verify the details of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) alias and its associated gateway.

If you are an entity that is responsible for sending contribution and rollover messages to SMSFs in the SuperStream Standard (for example, clearing houses or other gateways providers), you can use this API to ensure the SMSF alias details are correct.

A mandatory step for setting up an SMSF is to get an electronic service address.

API risk rating

1 - No risk

For more information, see API risk rating.


See: M2M client authentication.



Rate Limit

Not applicable.

Production requirements

Before you can request production access for this API, you must meet the requirements for production access.

Release notes

Security scopes updated 28 October, 2022.

Security scope associated with this API has changed.

The new scope is: ato.smsfaliaslookup.providers.r

Please refer to M2M Client Authentication on how to provide the scopes while making a call to this API.

Version 1.0.58 released on 17 June, 2022 (latest).

The following are changes to the API in the sandbox enviornment - Australia Post provider data is updated.

The provider data for Australia Post has been changed from "certifications": ["CONT1.0-X"] to "certifications": ["GROL3.0-X","ROLL3.0-X","CONT1.0-X"].The change will be in effect starting from 08/05/2022.

Following are the changes.

"providers": [     {       "gateway": {         "organisationalName": "MessageXchange",         "startDate": "04/08/2014",         "endDate": "07/05/2022",         "electronicServiceAddressAlias": "AUSPOSTSMSF",         "electronicServiceAddress": "",         "electronicContact" : {           "telephoneAreaCode": "03",           "telephoneNumber": "86220200",           "emailAddress": "",           "webUniformResourceLocator": ""         }       },       "provider": {         "organisationalName": "Australia Post",         "electronicContact" : {           "emailAddress": "",           "webUniformResourceLocator": ""         }       },       "certifications": ["CONT1.0-X"]     },     {       "gateway": {         "organisationalName": "MessageXchange",         "startDate": "08/05/2022",         "endDate": "31/12/9999",         "electronicServiceAddressAlias": "AUSPOSTSMSF",         "electronicServiceAddress": "",         "electronicContact" : {           "telephoneAreaCode": "03",           "telephoneNumber": "86220200",           "emailAddress": "",           "webUniformResourceLocator": ""         }       },       "provider": {         "organisationalName": "Australia Post",         "electronicContact" : {           "emailAddress": "",           "webUniformResourceLocator": ""         }       },       "certifications": ["GROL3.0-X","ROLL3.0-X","CONT1.0-X"]     } ]

Past versions

Refer to past release notes for information of previous released versions.